Friday, June 24, 2011

Moving and new play.

So we're finally all moved and sorting out where things go at our new home. And yes, driving that far did make me feel like a zombie. Amazingly, after a bumpy truck ride, my clix collection came out in good shape. The truck sucked because it didn't hold speed well, had to be floored at times to go 50 and couldn't go the speed limit very often unless we went downhill.

After two expensive gas fill ups for the 55 gallon diesel tank, my bank card got blocked. I had to call them up and explain that I was indeed the person using the card for what they called "excessive purchases of gas". I guess it's a good security measure, but it was pretty inconvenient when I had gas to pay for.

Then there was this interesting area of highway in Arkansas. The speed limit was posted at 60. Sounds okay right? Especially since my sick truck could barely pull that off, I was fine. Well, some wonder-wizard highway developer decided there needed to be three giant speed bump things on this stretch of highway with no warning of any kind. Seriously, I might have been going 55 and the whole mess was tossed up in the air and I could hear the whole load coming down hard. Furniture did break. Why did they want us to go 60? Is it some cruel joke? I don't get it. Even seeing the third one coming (barely) I couldn't slow down any more in time to make it matter. Diesels aren't known for their "stop on a dime" powers.

So, furniture broke and had to be tossed, but we did make it safely within a couple days drive. Now things are put together to a fairly livable state.

Unfortunately, there's really no one here who sells my favorite game. There are people who play though, I got them involved some time ago. I am talking to a local store to see if they might consider carrying heroclix, so wish me luck!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Great fan films

Well, I'm a week away from loading up a big truck to move across states. A new adventure awaits. So, with all the major movies coming up, I thought I would use this blog post to pay homage to some of the greatest (in my opinion) of those vids every made. I hope you enjoy them!

There's no knocking great CGI and this vid on some popular Marvel heroes proves it:

But what really impresses me is live action filming. This may not be top of the mark, but it is enjoyable.

Hey, I liked it alot and wish they would have made more. Of course that is a costly endeavor. So let's look at another one:

That's a production of Bat in the Sun and you should take some time to watch the shows on their youtube channel HERE. This most recent is the longest of their works and a little stiff in places. It's still very enjoyable work as fan films go.


Now this stomps the snot out of the five minute Grayson Film that circulated some years ago. It's about as old, but the effects and makeup are super, especially for a fan film. That's not to put down Grayson, because it totally rocked too. And people do need to remember that these are FAN films, not full budget productions, so what they did really was over the top.

I hope you enjoy these films and the pro ones opening up in theaters this summer. I'm sure I will!