Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heroclix spotlight: The White Queen

I have to say that Giant Sized X-men is looking like a very promising set. I like the look of the new Cyclops and love that he has sharpshooter. It makes perfect sense to me with his powerful optic blasts and capability of using them in the face and up close. But, this isn't about Cyke, it's about Emma Frost aka, the White Queen.

First of all, she gets two team abilities. X-men and Brotherhood makes sense because she's been on both sides of the fence. I think the free movement of Brotherhood gets underestimated at times, but it can really help to get a piece into position for a future move. It allows her to play both sides and she has always done that well.

Her dial is interesting to me. Opening with running shot and psychic blast makes her a more mobile attacker than she has been in the past. While this works for her very well, I think her mind control has been cut down a little too much. It comes late in the dial. With the cost of mind control (a click of damage for each hundred points of the target), her use of the power could be a suicide gambit. That's not like her at all. I think having mind control as a trait would have been super and certainly fitting to the new formats. Cool traits have been a great strategic add to lots of pieces.

She's not a useless piece though, far from it. And if you prefer her in mind controlling zeal, there is a very good piece from Mutants and Monsters that you can use. So there is a nice option. It may come to depend on what pieces are legal to use in what tournaments, but that goes without saying. And, of course, I have to mention the loss of her invulnerability from her diamond form.

So I like her, I just feel she could be better with how the environment of the game has changed.

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  1. I received a comment on my facebook page that I could have mentioned her Enhancement or Outwit. True, I could have and appreciate the comment. They also make good sense for her based on her psychic powers. I think perplex worked better for her than enhancement will as the latter is far more limited in it's use and range. Outwit is nice and shows how she could psychically shut someone down. While those changes are good, they didn't talk me as much as what I wrote about. All the same, I felt it deserved and answer.


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