Monday, September 5, 2011

Ideas for a new Indy heroclix

I would really love to see them take a new stab at Indy heroclix and I even have some suggestions on where to start. I suggest going old school with some old heroes who pioneered the comic books back in Gold Key and the days of Radio. Some are still around today in books, video games and even movies. I don't think it would be too far off to get a set going. It may not even be hard to get the licensing arranged. Heck, even if they do it by gravity feed with just these people, I would be "game".

My suggestions, just to get started:

GREEN HORNET AND KATO: This would be a cool tactics team. Kato has all the martial arts abilities with things like close combat expert and combat reflexes. Green Hornet gets an ability for the knock out gas, outwit and perplex. Make sure he has a range of about 6. Kato could even leap climb or charge. They could even be a decent duo piece.

LONE RANGER AND TONTO: While we're on duos, why not consider this old school favorite? Heck, we have the Two-gun Kid and even Jonah Hex. The Lone Ranger was first, folks. LR would make a decent ranged fighter or marksman while Tonto could have stealth and exploit weakness.

THE SHADOW: The Shadow knows! Stealth, mind control, outwit, and super senses could round this guy out with a few extras. Made right, the Shadow could be a real threat. Give him stealth that no one can see through because he clouds the minds of others.

THE PHANTOM: Another awesome brawler with a few powers of his own. He was called "the ghost who walks" and "the man who cannot die". Regeneration fits this one nicely as well as outwit and probably some running shot for his pistols.

MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER: Come on, the guy beats the snot out of robots with his bare hands! Impervious, exploit weakness, maybe even super strength and charge? Give him some benefits for when ever he fights anyone with the robot keyword.

TARZAN: The ape man himself! Charge and leap climb (or just have him ignore hindering for movement), blades/claws/fangs, and exploit or close combat expert. He can throw his knife a few spaces too. Also, give him a benefit involving the animal keyword, like being able to use mind control on any figure with the animal keyword (without backlash). Hey, this is Tarzan LORD OF THE JUNGLE we're talking about!

DOC SAVAGE: The man of bronze was every bit as strong as Superman in his day and just as impervious. Give him a starting of at least 4 damage and some powers that fit a tough guy like ol Doc.

ZORRO: Leap climb and blades will make Zorro a decent fighter, but he was smart too. Outwit and maybe a special power for his whip like a range of 2 or 3. He also deserves combat reflexes and super senses.

SINBAD: While we're in old legends, you can't leave out Sinbad. Adventurer and monster killer. He gets something for the monster keyword like Elsa Bloodstone, but he gets the aquatic movement ability. Blades is also obvious for Sinbad along with some perplex.

TUROK: Yes, the dinosaur hunter. A marksman and ranged combat expert with blades/claws/fangs. Let him claim his mark and gain +2 to attack that mark for the rest of the game. That person also can't use stealth against Turok.

DOCTOR SOLAR: The man of the atom would have some serious powers. Running shot, psychic blast, impervious or energy shield deflection, heck what couldn't this guy do?

Well, I've shown a lot of tactical power in this and not a lot of bruisers, but hey, that made the old day comics what they were. These guys were the "batmans" of their day and I think they could make some awesome clix!

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