Saturday, November 5, 2011

3D objects are just more fun

I don't know about you, but every once in a while, I get tired of using cardboard discs for objects and want to spice up game play a bit. This is much easier than you think. There are some great ways to use 3D objects (as ordinaries) right in your local hobby store.

Check out my play case for Heroclix (click on pics for larger view). In the bins, you see a variety of items that we use for light or heavy objects. We can use them as standards, apply house rules to them, or create cool scenarios. I have tons of the cardboard pieces too, but I really enjoy the aspect of using the objects I've found.

So, where did I get some of these things? Hobby lobby and Michaels (stores) have very interesting toys called "tubes" or is it "toobs". Anyway, there's all sorts of items and animals in them. They're great for modding or as objects. Let's not forget the dollhouse items I've collected. Railroad miniatures are also great (thought more expensive) and some plastic model sets have interesting items.

Check out the items in this photo. The casket and tombstone are from "Halloween Town" miniatures. The gray concrete column is actually a dried up chunk of play-do I painted and sealed. The dino skull comes from a "toob". The trash can comes from a toy in one of those grocery story gumball machines (they were called Homies), and the tv set and toaster are from dollhouse miniatures. The tire? It's from some "fix your car" hotwheel set that's all gone now. See how many places there are to look? I do have the official heroclix items, but now I have lots of options.

As for scenarios, take a look at these miniature tools. Lay them out as weapons across the map and anyone who has one is plus one to damage and drops it when they get hit. Well, that's just one idea.

With action figures you can find miniature swords and machine guns. No matter what you find, a little imagination can go a long way. Even a marble could become a cool 3D object. Look around your house or local stores, what can you find?

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