Monday, November 1, 2010

Character review: Captain Boomerang

In my last blog I gave Captain Boomerang honorable mention. In this one, I'm going to give him more than that. The Brightest day box set really gives us some awesome pieces and great powers/abilities. I hit on a few of those, but now here's one with some real strategic advantage. Let's take a look at his special attack power.

Boomerang's Path: Give Captain Boomerang a power action and choose up to 6 different squares within line of fire (ignoring characters for this purpose). Each square must be different, adjacent to the previous square, and the first and last squares chosen must be adjacent to this character. Make an attack roll and compare the result to each character occupying a chosen square. Each character hit this way is dealt 2 damage.

Okay, so at the most, he could hit up to 6 targets and deal 2 damage to each of them. When you think about powers like quake and pulse wave, this isn't so amazing. But when you consider that you choose your targets, it's actually awesome. The limitation is three squares out in order to make it three squares back into base contact. Having sharpshooter enables this power to be fully effective and usable in a crowd. That's plenty leeway to get some damage dealt to everyone near the Captain. If that doesn't do it for you and you're worried about that damage getting through, I have a suggestion: Armor Piercing. At 61 points, Captain Boomerang is a perfect candidate for the damage assuring feat. Yeah, that makes him 71 points, but well worth it!

Past that, having the sharpshooter ability enables him to use his front-loaded ranged combat expert right in an opponents face for 4 clicks of damage. Just one click in, he gets running shot. For him it may as well be charge. So that's like two movement powers in one!

Yeah, his defense isn't very good and dial is a little short, but don't underestimate the Captain, he can do damage and he's very flexible on the battlefield. If not dealt with early he'll be a problem.

He also carries the rogues keyword, allowing him some chances at team building more than just Brightest Day. At home games, I would even allow him to be themed with Suicide Squad (it's even on the back of his card!).

Captain Boomerang is just one more reason to get out there and get your Brightest Day!

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