Friday, February 25, 2011

Heroclix picture puzzle: Bank Chaos

Have you ever read those I Spy books with the picture puzzles? You know, the ones where you have to do a "where's Waldo" with a varied list of things in a clustered photo? Well, here's a little challenge for you and I may do more. Click on the image to see it larger (you may have to copy it to your computer so you can zoom in on it better. Future ones will be a bit smaller. Try to answer the trivia questions below. I'll come back with answers in the next blog I write. So, with that, good luck!

1: How many custom figures are there? Can you name them?

2: What do the custom duo figures have in common?

3: How many little red dice are there?

4: How many Multiple-man's are there?

5: Which figure has no dial?

6: How many Assassin's League figures are there?

7: How may Wolverine's are there?

8: How many "spider" characters are there?

9: How many "archer" characters are there?

10: How many sentinel fists are there?

11: What is Shadowcat doing?

12: What is Robin doing?

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