Saturday, April 30, 2011

Better with friends

I've been musing on the colossal figures we have from GSX and I've come to this conclusion: they work best in a force.

These are not the colossal figures of old that have the multi-attack ability and can stand on their own like Dark Phoenix, Anti-Monitor, Galactus and others. Results of playing these characters alone against an equal point force are typically disastrous for the colossal. I draw that conclusion from several games and not just my own.

Strategically, multiple figures will outmaneuver and take down a single figure. The ability to keep on attacking while taking a click of damage to pay for it becomes a very risky issue. Onslaught has had better luck out of all the new colossals and the sentinels fare the worst.

But, playing them in a force makes a huge strategic difference. While Apocalypse is always a clear target, having his horsemen getting in the way can mess that up. Now, not only can Apocalypse be a real threat, he can afford to rest up and clear those tokens while his underlings work some interference. A troop of sentinels or Onslaught with underlings work about the same.

So play a higher point game and enjoy the true power of the colossal!

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