Friday, April 22, 2011

A challenge to modders and customizers

I've seen all kinds of great customs out there by fantastic artists. I've seen customs of Sentinels and even Galactus. So I have a challenge for all those customs makers out there...

Yeah, Celestials.

Celestials are the biggest and pretty much most powerful things in the Marvel Universe. They can be any size they wish, thought their natural size is a shadow over galaxies. So how would you make a custom Celestial?

What kind of material would you use? I considered pvc pipe as the core of the body, but attachments could get tricky. Then, what kind of stats would you give a Celestial?

I can't imagine them being anything but white power types all around that ignore things like outwit, perplex, probability control, psychic blast, exploit weakness, shape change and plasticity. What kind of stats do you give something that can snuff out a universe with a reflex action?

Anyway, this is my challenge to the customs makers out there. Make a good looking Celestial and you've done what pretty much no one else has ever done. I bet people would be begging for it!

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