Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gatecrasher's Technet

Back in Giant sized X-men, we saw a new keyword come into play, the Technet. Gatecrasher's Technet is a band of otherworldly mercenaries. They claim to take any job if the pay is right. Right now, all we have in heroclix to show for the Technet is Gatecrasher herself (with Yap on her shoulder). So what about the rest of the team?

Sadly, this team is very high on the incapacitate range regardless of which of their weird powers you put into play. That doesn't mean they couldn't be tweaked here and there for interesting effect, but in what ways?

I don't think we'll see a full roster for the Technet any time soon, but three or four more would be cool. I know exactly which ones I would like to see. I'll start with those five members.

1: Ferro: Ferro is a four armed master swordsman. I'm a blades/claws fan and he could do this with charge and flurry. He isn't suited for a really long dial (he has a tendency to die after his warranty expires) but he would be tactically useful.

2: Thug: He's a squat little alien with combat ability and super strength. He could have charge and close combat expert too. He can also take a hit so give him invulnerability.

3: Ringtoss: If there's one big weakness in the Technet's roster, it's ranged combat. Ringtoss can be seen in the above picture making a decidedly ranged attack. She also tosses energy rings around people to incapacitate them. Make her victims roll break away to get loose and you have a nicely tweaked incap character.

4: Scatterbrain: Also known as Fascination( above with Ringtoss in the pic). She has the ability to scramble peoples thoughts processes with a touch. Again, weak in the ranged department, but I could see here with a power that affects everyone in base contact with her. Since sh can also fly, she has great ability to move around.

5: Bodybag: This big reptile captures people and holds them in one of three sacks built into its back. Give him the ability to capture. Make the effect remove a captured figure from the table, but if Bodybag gets hit, he dumps them in base contact with a token on them.

As for the rest of the team? Well, they would take some serious thought. Most of the team is designed to capture.

Joyboy: Looks like a deformed giant floating baby. He can sense an opponents greatest desire and make it reality to distract or incapacitate. Maybe mind control in a way? Past that, just incap is all I see for the floating thing that gets it's but kicked in every book.

Chinadoll: This serpent woman can shrink her targets by touching them. Have her place a special marker on a character. Until Chinadoll is KO'd, that character's stats are all -1. That includes range. Or minus 2, or have it last until your next turn, whatever.

Waxworks: The pink alien with the tentacles. He can make peoples bodies turn all rubbery with a touch (still no good at range!). Give him a special power to screw up movement. Maybe he can cut in half for a turn or something. Past that, more incap!

Numbers: He's strong and can fight, but doesn't like to. He's the team's accountant. I don't want to see him as a click, thanks.

Paradok: A teleporter. Give him the transporter ability and let him carry people without penalty. Transporter's should have no penalty in the first place, but that logic will apparently never get through. So do it for this guy if he's made, but I doubt we'll see him.

Hawd Boiled Henwy: This is a yellow bird character who looks like Tweety on steroids with a ticking clock in his forehead. I could see an amusing factor in him. At the beginning of your turn, deal one unavoidable damage to Henwy. When Henwy is KO'd for any reason, deal 2 damage to all figures within two spaces of Henwy. You see, he's a self destructing time bomb type. Weird and silly, and gives points to your opponent, but who knows who he'll take with him.

Pandora: Little more than a biological weapon that incaps everything in sight. I don't see much use of her. She could do mass effect, but would be a one use and one trick deal.

So, there you have it, the Technet in all it's incapacitating glory. I think it's buildable as a team with the five I mentioned, but what kind of set would we see them in? I'll tell you about that next time!

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