Tuesday, August 9, 2011

High time for a new cosmic set.

Not long after I posted my view on Gatecrasher's Technet, I got the news that there is a new space faring Marvel set coming. Now, Hulk is slated for December and that's nice, but I'm far more excited about a new Galactic Guardians set. I'm a big fan of the cosmic forces and they really need the overhaul given to other pieces repeatedly so far. Hulk already has new pieces since the restart of Heroclix. Thanks to those we have Green Scar, Hulk as a horseman of Apocalypse, Golden age hulk, Red Hulk, Rampaging Hulk; and don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have a new set for Hulk. I'll take it. But the overhaul for our space age friends is far more overdue. Not only could we use more of the Technet to fill out a pesky keyword issue, but check out the following:

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Specifically the original team. Starhawk could really use and upgrade as could Vance Astro or Aleta. We've also never had Capt. Charlie-27 or Martinex. There are some great character possibilities here and I would love to see them done.

JACK OF HEARTS: Here's a cosmic hero in dire need of a redo. Not that his original piece isn't good, but with all the new mechanics of the game, he could be awesome.

THE INHUMANS: I would really like to see a better Black Bolt and replacements for Medusa and Crystal. Upgrading Lockjaw wouldn't hurt either since we have the "pet Avengers" keyword floating around. Give Lockjaw the transporter ability without the pesky -2 to movement. After all, he could transport his whole team across the stars!

The NOVAs: There are two of them. One is the female, Frankie Raye:

And the other is,

Let's see them both.

STARJAMMERS: What space faring set would be complete without a relaunch of the Starjammers? Corsair, Hepzibah and Raja are all great choices. I would also like to see them actually worth playing. Sorry, but the last time we saw Hepzibah, she wasn't.

DRAX THE DESTROYER: I don't care which version we see, but make him. Please give him the keywords for Guardians and Infinity Watch. He should fit in both or it's just not right.

SHIAR IMPERIAL GUARD: Since the Annhilators keyword is getting introduced, follow through and remake Gladiator. You may as well give the keyword to a replacement of Silver Surfer as well. Too bad they'll likely never count as a theme team under the new rules. Points are probably going to be way too high. I still want the characters though. Isn't that funny?

SKYMAX and SUPERSKRULL: While we are looking at heroes, like Skymax, let's be sure to give the bad guys some room too.

Super Skrull is a great start. Want to know another awesome idea? Besides Thanos, try this guy:

That's right, Tyrant. Consider yourselves challenged Wizkids!

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