Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to fix the new oreo dials

Beginning with then new Superman Heroclix set, we see a new style of dial to turn at games. It's called the oreo dial and for good reason. To turn it, you hold it like an Oreo cookie and twist as if you were about to pull apart and enjoy some chocolatey goodness.

With the old dials, sticking could be fixed in a few ways. The easiest was to bend up part of an upper dial, or you could take the dial apart and check for extra bits of plastic to trim. Well, the new dial brings a whole new method to fixing if your dial sticks. I had to do some experimentation to learn how it worked. Now that I have, I'm passing the new knowledge on to you!

So your new dial is stuck. Here is what you need: A medium flat-head screwdriver, a pair of toe or finger nail clippers (with the front bowing outward, not the classic horse-shoe shape) and your stuck figure.

The first thing you have to do is separate the top and bottom of the dial. Look at the side of the dial. You will note gaps in the seam where your screwdriver may fit. Be sure not to use a screwdriver too large, nor too small. You may have to use some trial and error. Also, as a safety note, be careful that you don't stab yourself in the hand while attempting this. Work slowly and carefully.

Insert the flat end of the screwdriver into one of the slots around the edge and carefully pry to separate. You may have to do this in more than one spot and more than once while being careful of the plastic. See the photo for where NOT to pry. If you pry near the numbers opening of the dial, the plastic will easily break. If you pry near where the team abilities are printed, the plastic will more easily bend.

Once you have the dial separated, set down the printed dial section, you won't need it. Look under the top portion of the dial that holds the figure sculpt. You should see three squared horse shoe shapes around the edge. These are the points of the plastic that hold the dial in it's groove. If they are too thick in the slightest, they will stop the dial from turning. This is something very hard to control through manufacturing by the way.

Now, it's important that you only use this step on ONE of the horse shoes. What you have to do, is take the nail clippers or something you can shave a little plastic with (if you have cool modding tools) and remove just a little bit of the plastic from the ends of one of the horse shoes. When I say, "just a little", I mean barely a sliver.

Finally, snap the pieces back together and test out the fixed dial. It should turn much easier now. Remember to only do this with ONE of the horse shoes, or it will work a little too well and you'll have a very loose dial.

I have used this method on several pieces through two cases so far and it has worked every single time. Remember to be careful, don't get in a hurry. You'll find your new oreo dial working like a charm.


  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting this very useful tip! I'm a new HeroClix player, and I wasn't sure how to fix my very stuck dial. Your tip fixed in about 5 minutes when I spent the last hour trying to do with careful shaving with a razor edge. Thanks!

  2. OI a razor edge? I'm glad you found my article then and glad it helped you out. I'm a serious fumble fingers and would have shaved off half my fingerprints by then.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I had a Superman Robot that would not turn at all. Now five minutes (using your advice) it turns perfectly.


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