Saturday, October 15, 2011

Playing Black Adam

While I was excited to get a common Superman, I was more excited to get my hands on Black Adam. I've missed out on the last time he was made a single super rare. I have the duo with Shazam, but it's just not the same. So, without further ado, let me present to you, my take on playing the multi-level Black Adam from the Superman set.

As general advice, any major pointed piece shouldn't come to more than half your force. So my point scales are going to reflect that strategy for the most part. Of course, I'm also going by keywords.

The first and most obvious team up is Osiris and Isis. I'm not talking about the Brightest Day version for sake of points. Based on what point level you play Black Adam at (100/200/300) you play this team at 300/400/500. They are theme legal under Mystical at 300 points, but not after that. But who cares? Black Adam can handle his own. At 500 points, you can use the other two like you would a minion force. Let them get in the way of everyone going after Black Adam (because you know they will). And, in any force, don't be afraid to push BA while people gang up on him. I've found his lightning regeneration to be fairly lethal.

Goint mystical at 600 so you can use BA at 300? Add Black Alice to the team above. The total force is 589. Have fun.

Seldom was Black Adam a good guy. When he was, he teamed up in the Justice Society.

300 point team with BA at 100 points: Magog (85), Starman (99) for total points of 284. You can raise BA to 200 points for the next tier.

For a 600 raise BA to 300 and add the Atom (50) and Mr. Terrific (59) for a team build of 593. Not bad as teams go. Pretty much any team that can keep people from dog-piling BA is good. He'll make up for about anything the rest can't do.

Injustice Society:

Play at 300 and BA at 100 with Count Vertigo (74), Johnny Sorrow (55) and the Thinker (55) for total of 284 (yep again!). Same as above for moving up to the 400 level, just raise BA to 200.

For a 600 try BA at 300 with Count Vertigo (74), Per Degaton (90), Icicle (72) and Johnny Sorrow (55) for a team of 591.

Rulers are blasted expensive and your best bet is to aim for your best duo and add someone cheap to fill in if possible. 99 point Maxwell Lord is a good filler to stick with an evil theme. For these teams I suggest.

Playing Black Adam at 200 with Mongul for 376.
200 or 300 points to team up with Darkseid for a 467 or 567 point team.

Then there's the duo matches I suggest purely for kicks that I think would really annoy your opponent. Magneto is a ruler so he's good. Since you aren't going to get themed advantage anyway, try teaming him up with Maelstrom. Maelstrom's lockdown abilities and cosmic make him horrifying enough. I know, I've played him.

Sooner or later, they'll make an equivalent SHAZAM! Captain Marvel and you can finally play the whole SHAZAM family! I think that would be a radical team of teams!

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