Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking forward to Hulking out

In December we have a brand new set that will grace our fingers and maps. A set totally based on the Hulk. In seeing the teasers for it, I have to say it looks to be as awesome of a set as Superman (if not better).

It's going to be great to see Skarr team up with his dear ol Dad. The Leader says he has minions to bring to the party (and they look like they can do a good job of getting in the way).

The sculpts look awesome and there are several forms of Hulk to get your grubby fingers on.

From the news at HC Realms (yes, that's a link) I like the idea that we are getting a new chance at Red Hulk (I never got one) and a new Terrax the Tamer? Wow. I hope he's better than the last one. I liked the original running shot Terrax who terrorized the table for me many times. He was great with a couple con artists. I know that's old school, but it sure was fun. Baron Mordo is also on the poster art and I would like to see him with enough oompf to be a threat to Dr. Strange.

I want to remind people of another great place to see heroclix information and that's Heroclix World (another link). Be sure to stop in there and keep up with all the up to date coolness that is Heroclix.

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