Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Giant sized release day!

So, in a few short (or long) hours I will be boarding a bus (my car is dead) and heading to the Gameboard to get my case of Giant Sized Xmen. The Gameboard is the name of a local game and hobby store here in Sheboygan. You can check them out HERE.

I not only have to wait to pick up my prize but I will also be waiting for my nine year old son to get home so we can have a little pack party. It's how we roll, ha ha. But it won't be easy to wait, there's a lot of anticipation for this set.

Even the dislikes from my last posting are going to be well worth adding to my collection. But what can I say, I picked my "dislikes" in comparison to what I liked best. Maybe "liked least" was better than "dislike"? Oh well. It's all terminology and should be taken loosely and lightly.

Filling two collections isn't easy and now I pass on my extras one step further depending on those needs. Passing on pieces is a way I help keep players in the game. It's something I picked up from a good friend of mine back in Nebraska. We had a great gaming crew and we passed on figures that were extra to help fill out each others collections. The rarity didn't matter so much and that helped players who had less chance of getting good pieces actually land a few.

I know we're going to have an awesome time and I will have to restrain myself greatly against ripping that box open right at the bus stop or on the bus itself. So happy release day, I'll be doing a review of my pulls and the set soon!

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