Monday, March 21, 2011

Great ways to play Juggernaut

Juggernaut is by far one of my favorite X-men villains and I've been waiting a long time for a good accurate rendition of him to play in my favorite game. Giant Size X-men delivered on that I sat down and checked out his keywords. Good ol Juggs is playable in several formats and I hope you enjoy these remarkable ideas. These are only from the new set. Naturally you can reach back and make a really cool team that way too.

Excalibur: Juggernaut, Cypher, Lockheed, and Psylocke for 352 points. For the 400 point format this little team can pack a punch. Cypher gives them your opponent's team ability (if any) and Lockheed makes for some versatile combat support. Use him to bodyguard Cypher, or have him follow Juggs on his path of destruction. I like having him back up Psylocke who's telekinesis can also come in handy. You want to go ahead and push Cypher to his perplex too.

Exiles: You take your chances anytime you use only two people, but in a 300 point match, Juggs and Psylocke could possibly pull it off. Probably best to pull in Morph or Mimic from past sets to get your Exiles going.

Mystical: Pair Juggs up with Elsa Bloodstone and a Mindless one for 366. Mindless ones are getting underestimated, but hey, 100 points for Mystics, psychic blast, range of 8, and impervious? I think that's a great deal myself, but that could just be me. Juggs and Elsa pretty much need to be in someone's face, but having that Mindless one go point with range and Mystics damage is a great way to start opening wounds that Juggs and Elsa will definitely make worse.

Brutes: Now this is expensive, but you play Juggs in a minion style combat with two ore more Mindless ones moving ahead of him for 393 points on up. Once again, the idea is to use Mystics as a front shield, opening the way for Juggernaut to come in and do some finishing pounding. Interesting, but probably not a big tournament winner. Could be fun though.


Here are some ideas for playing Juggernaut with the Xmen keyword:

"Half Brothers": Juggernaut, Prof. X and Lockheed for 363. This has a really mean edge to it with the Prof. since he can reach through others with his powers. That makes everyone on the team with him a double threat. Juggernauts smash through power with the reach of the Prof.... yikes. Even if they are outnumbered, they could definitely do some serious damage.

"Brutality": Put him with Archangel in a duo team for 292 and add Wolverine for 395 total points. Archangel can make for some vicious air support and Wolverine still having that heal a click trick makes for a nice edge too (pun intended). As Wolverine once said "We're about to go the throw down city for the stomping marathon."

"Repentant": Put him with Cyclops and Emma Frost for 384. This is based on his first work with the X-men when he tried to learn what being a "hero" was about. There's some good damage capability with this team up. Cyclops ability to deliver psychic blast in the face is a fine addition too.

"Dual Allegiances": Since both Juggernaut and Rogue have connections with Brotherhood, why not team them up for 321? Again, a risky prospect since most good teams have three or more people for such high points, but could be interesting.

"Rivals": Iceman was about the most against Juggernaut of the whole team, constantly challenging him on missions. So put them together in a risky duo for 297 or add Storm (who also didn't like him much better) for 383. Storm is a power house in her own right so added with Juggernaut, I could see a bad forecast for your opponent.

For 500 play: Put him with Archangel, Storm, Psylocke and Lockheed for 499 points. This matching just looks like tabletop murder to me and I like it! This team has great range, great damage capability, and awesome powers. It's flexible and dangerous. Give it a try!

BROTHERHOOD: This is a bit more difficult. In a 300 point format you will ONLY get two players on the table. Your best bet for that is to go with Sabretooth since they're both indomitable. You can make an interesting paring with Mystique too. Blob is just too outwitable but would make a good forward meat shield, I guess. In four hundred you can add another member easily or go with another duo with Magneto. All six of the Brotherhood will cost 765 points. To me, that says Juggernaut plays better with the X-men for this set, naturally you can make plenty of good plays by reaching back too.

For reaching back I say go Mystical or Excalibur. Put him with Nightcrawler for some annoying fun! Great possibilities for a great game figure. Way to go Juggernaut!

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